August 13, 2013

So You’re Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery…

laser eye surgery
In the past, the sole option for those suffering from astigmatism, long sightedness or short sightedness was to wear contact lenses or glasses. This doesn’t necessarily mean The End of The World (come on, have you seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in glasses?), but the need to wear glasses often comes with a bit of sartorial annoyance.

At the end of the day, if one of us with less-than-stellar sight wants to do something as simple as watch a movie, read a book or drive, there is no choice but to pull out the specs or lenses. Although extremely helpful, such aids are seen as a nuisance at times – especially if you misplace your glasses prior to a trip on the road or forget to order your monthly supply of contact lenses (not an uncommon as you would think!).

Today there is a new sight corrective solution on the market and one that can banish the need for both glasses and contact lenses. The solution is laser eye surgery and over the last 20 years it has become an extremely common surgical procedure. Companies such as Optimax offer an alternative to standard optical aids and one that offers a long term solution to those with poor eyesight.

Freedom from contact lenses and glasses

One of the main advantages of laser eye surgery is that it offers long-term freedom from glasses. If you have a special event – an end of year ball, a birthday party, graduation, wedding, et al – the last thing you want to wear with your outfit is a pair of glasses. No matter how stylish they are.

Glasses can also be an annoyingly additional expense and if you wish to invest in designer frames, you will probably be looking at a wallet-emptying bill. Laser eye surgery can be a cost-effective alternative to buying new frames every time your personal style or trends call for it. The procedure allows those that undergo the surgery to dress the part for less.

Your confidence improved

Many studies show that those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses are more likely to feel less confident. It often comes down to being unable to partake in certain activities for fear of not looking the part, or worrying about your eyes becoming overly dry through excessive wear of contact lenses.

Undergoing laser eye surgery will allow anyone to regain this confidence as well as enabling you to pursue a variety of career options that require impeccable vision (the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, to name but a few).

Even those of you that have grown to love throwing on your glasses from time to time will benefit from all-day perfect vision. After all, those of us with perfect vision are known to throw on a pair of unlensed specs from time to time (ahem, I’m a fashion victim, ahem).

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