November 21, 2013

The Best Facial in London – Debbie Thomas

debbie thomas
I have had my fair share of facials as a beauty journalist, but none compare to the magic that is The Debbie Thomas DNA Facial.

Though her reputation is that of facial infamy, Debbie Thomas and her skin/body/beauty practice currently takes up an unassuming – almost bare – space on the third floor of Hari’s (305 Brompton Road, London SW3 2DY). As per usual, the book can’t be judged by its over. What it lacks in ‘spa aromas’ and superfluous lighting options it more than makes up for in results.

After arriving for my facial with Jasmina, we immediately got chatting about the woes (rosacea, winter flakiness) and wonders (skin care research pays off) of my skin before having it microscoped for further assessment. Because the DNA facial can be adapted to treat and enhance the skin of anyone (acne sufferers, in particular, praise Thomas’ technique), this learning period is extremely useful in the entire process.

After a targeted deep cleansing, a round of non-invasive treatments were slathered, lasered, and massaged in (encouraging lymphatic draining) before I fell asleep under the lull of red and blue light therapy.

Waking up after the removal of an exceptionally soothing collagen mask (an anti-ageing and skin repairing hero), I was shocked to see the face that looked back at me. Even with extractions, my skin looked like I had been bathing in some sort of milky champagne dream bath. No redness (let me remind you about the rosacea). No need for foundation. No freaking way.

Equal parts luxury and scientific genius, Debbie Thomas managed to change my skin in no more than sixty minutes. The Best Facial in London, hands down.

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