April 3, 2015

In Review: Hassle.com (Home Cleaning for The Modern Woman) + Competition

hassle review
I am not, shall we say, ‘domesticated’. I have a weird love for vacuuming and laundry but would rather French kiss my Pomeranian than scrub a toilet.

Inconveniently, I am also a bit of a clean freak. A clean freak with very little spare time on my hands.

None of this really works in my favour. Until recently, that is. Busy clean freaks who hate cleaning, I have something for you: Hassle.com!

While researching home insurance and getting my first ‘new home’ shop ordered on Ocado (I’m a terribly digital individual), I discovered this home cleaning service and booked in for a solid three hours on move-in weekend.

Long story short, I am crazy impressed. There is a flat fee of £10 an hour, a selection process that allows your pre-vetted cleaner to choose you, customer reviews, and the option to have your cleaner bring their own supplies (at a small cost) or use your own (providing a very helpful list to make sure you’re prepared).

£30 and a three hours of productivity later, my home was spotless and my sanity saved.

Want the chance to experience the same? Enter for the chance to win your very own three hour clean! To enter, simply follow me on Twitter and tweet the message through the widget, below. (Of course, it you just want to sign up you can use the reference code ref327lela and get £5 off!)

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Competition ends on April 10th, 2015 and will be announced on Twitter. Good luck!

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