May 15, 2015

A Free Holiday to Amsterdam?!

It isn’t often that I will post a viral video (I am perpetually late to the game), but I have to make an exception for the video above because it has ramped up my wanderlust like never before.

To celebrate King’s Day in Holland, KLM decided to partner up with Heineken and surprise 10 lucky people with a jet-setting Orange Experience.

How would you react if a stranger told you to grab your best friend and go to the airport for a free holiday?

Now that I’ve watched this, I’m much more comfortable (a little less dubious Londoner) with the idea! The two Dutch brands chose to visit Shanghai, Cape Town, Rio, Los Angeles and Oslo in search of five Heineken-drinking individuals to fly¬†off to Amsterdam for VIP access to the biggest event in Holland. All they had to do was accept the offer of an ‘Orange Experience’ with their Heineken.

It obviously pays to be a Yes Man.

Anyone else now desperate for a trip to Amsterdam?


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