I have countless sensory memories that feature Clarins. From the first time I read The Art of Happiness (in a Clarins-lined bubble bath) to the first time I went on a press trip (buying a duty free Clarins cleanser when my previous cleanser exploded in my handbag), the beauty brand has been a sneaky support art.

Sneaky, that is, until I was introduced to their ridiculous collection of double-duty makeup products that take you from fresh-faced to flawless in minutes.

Since then, I have created two videos with the brand to celebrate their key five minute face and ten minute face products – both in studio and in a moving vehicle (hashtag #realness).


clarins makeup

Oh, look at that! It’s Lela in motion!

So, friends…even though I find myself categorically BUSY I have decided to spend a little bit more of my free time making videos for you. (That means they can only get better from here, no?) The first video is a little make-up tutorial that takes you from day (aka tired) to night (aka smokey) with my favourite organic beauty brand, Inika.

I would love to hear your thoughts in this beginning stafe…videos you’d like to see (nothing Kardashian-esque, for the record)…how beautiful my background music (courtesy of Pigeons of Death) is…etc.