gadget show 2014
When my friends at Windows invited me along to celebrate their partnership with The Gadget Show Live 2014, I high-tailed it down to the cavernous halls of the Birmingham NEC.

Holla to my fellow girl geeks.

Long-time blog readers will know I have a thirst (obsession, even) for technology…one that forced me to invite one of my favourite lady friends to keep my head – and purse – on straight.

Through a sea of plaid shirts, it was obvious that we were outnumbered by a high percentage of XY chromosomes, but it was a great day out nonetheless. From playing with DigiLegs, to playing with Windows’ newest launches, to watching hardcore Robo Challenge defeats, to watching scuba divers take selfies with fully immersive underwater phones, to getting my first look at the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, each little station was an adventure in itself.

After a few hours, we capped the day off with a game of indoor Zombie Laser tag from And won. Hashtag #GirlPower.

gadget show 2014 oculus vr
gadget show 2014
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