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From one week to the next, I chopped off a good two feet of hair. I was well-planned (and well-tired of a cumbersome mane) but petrified.

Thanks to Andrew Jose and his gorgeous turquoise-haired colourist, petrified turned into maniacally elated. My hair has genuinely never looked so good.

Starting with my messy ginger ombre and no idea how much I was willing to cut off, I made my way to Andrew’s lovely little salon on Charlotte Street with delirious determination. The kind of determination post-breakup brains tend to lead to hair salons. A change! I’m making a change!

After a consultation (lifestyle, hair condition, et al), a full head of tailored, “expensive-looking” highlights were carefully foiled into my tresses and left to transform while I drank lattes and read magazines.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

After being processed and pampered with the best recovery treatments from Salon Science (Andrew is their ambassador), I threw my hands up to the celebrated Mr. Jose and let him and his scissors loose on my hair.

As you can see, the cut and colour is a dream. Both feel light, bright, and me. We went as light as we could in one process while keeping the hair healthy. Currently, the colour is a fresh blonde that looks very pale in the sun, which I adore. I have decided to do the same again for my next appointment (when my hair has had some breathing time) to get that pale, multitonal platinum hue full-time.

A week on, I am in love with both Andrew Jose and his Salon Science products. When faced with big changes, there is a lot of weight put on a stylist’s shoulders and he and his products accepted the challenge and created a head of dream hair (without damage to both hair or ego). Actual hair magic, that is

blonde hair makeover
blonde hair makeover
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