bombay brasserie
If you consider yourself a fan of Indian food – even casually – I advocate an immediate call to make a reservation at Bombay Brasserie.

I recently had the unexpected pleasure of meeting the Brasserie’s passionate executive chef, Prahlad Hegde, and enjoying his introduction to the institution’s 20-plus year legacy. With a list of celebrity clientele as impressive as the space itself (Bombay Brasserie stretches across multiple high-ceilinged and expansively chic rooms), it became clear BB was restaurant I would need to ‘check off the list’.

Reservations made, I invited my personal Indian food connoisseur to moonlight as my dinner date and set off for a fully-fledged foodie affair.

From the second you enter their refurbished bar (a sexy blend of moody, retro glamour and Bollywood extravagance), you are encased in an air of expense that only thickens as you take your seats in the main dining area.

For us, the romance took a steep (albeit brief) dive when we asked our server to share a few recommendations. Explaining that we were wanting to try a variety of dishes, his only suggestion – made by placing it in front of me – was the tasting menu.

It was a peculiar exchange for such an otherwise impressive establishment, but we were far too indecisive to decide otherwise; tasting menu it was.

Settling in with a mango & chilli mojito (Havana White Rum, mango pulp, green chilli & soda water), we enjoyed the live pianist’s especially British set list before embarking on a feast like Mumbai has never seen.

The food is simply spectacular. Through multiple courses, the less-thrilling (like sev batata puri and Jackfruit palak) packed as impressive a punch as my anticipated highlights (like Khada masala scallops and the coriander-rich Patrani macchi). Even when surrounded by breads, curries and roasts, we found London’s Bombay Brasserie played with both city’s infamous diversities in beautifully unexpected ways (my personal highlight being the prawn hara pyaz – black tiger prawns, spring onions, scallions, tomatoes, and spices).

Service aside, Bombay Brasserie is the most incredible Indian experience a Londoner can get without a plane ticket.

bombay brasserie
bombay brasserie
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