You Probably Shouldn’t Wear Heels While Longboarding At Dusk

deichmann shoes

Upon finding out that Superblogger Caroline Blomst decided to collaborate with my favourite “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!” megabrand, Deichmann, I had a pre-emptive shoegasm. All contributing factors suggested a classy little coterie of must-have heels were on their way.

As you can see, the reality has exceeded expectations.

Today marks the launch of the Deichmann x Caroline Blomst collaboration and the final result – seven pairs of striking shoes (including a pair of aztec-print loafers and street-style ready trainers) – is the Steal of all Shoe Steals, ranging from just £17.99 to £27.99.

Having been lucky enough to get my paws on a pair of the chic silver-heeled peep toe courts and lace-uppered peep-toes a few weeks before their official launch, I have truly been living in them since they arrived.

Excessively, some might say…

Presenting: a very guilty collection of snaps from The Life of a Shoe Addict*.

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deichmann shoes

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deichmann shoes
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