Betsey Johnson Runway NYFW
Betsey Johnson may be having financial issues, but that didn’t stop her from throwing quite the runway party for New York Fashion Week. For spring, the love of my life seemed inspired by a family staycation in New York (dubbed “Le Tour de Betsey”). She highlighted some of her favorite areas in the city, beginning with fashion-forward biking gear, perfect for cycling over the Brooklyn Bridge.

There was also tons of what we love Betsey for: floral frocks with petticoats and sexy, lacy lingerie-like getups for nights on the town. The fashion greats rested on a navy-and-white military jacket and shorts. Just a cherry on top of the madness. Not one to stick to ‘fashion rules’, she had an abundance of crystal tiaras, “Ride Me” chokers, studded belts, petticoats, and skateboards. For the finale, Johnson didn’t disappoint, riding onto the runway on a bike before running into her famous cartwheel. We can always count on Betsey for a good time, and the Princess/Barbie/Hello Kitty obsessive I so try to hide was in ecstasy. View Post