Flowergirls Elle Denmark
While perusing through Elle Denmark‘s April 2011 issue, I realised “Flowergirls” was an all-encompassing outlet to wrap up the past twelve months. Much of 2010 and 2011 was infiltrated with the indie-flowerchild-fashion-blog-hippie look, here found perfectly articulated through the modelling of Solveig Mørk Hansen, Maria Palm Lyduch, and Julie Rhode. Give a confident, style-savvy group of girls a botanical garden and photographer Signe Vilstrup? You have a definitive dream. View Post

Helena Christensen Greatest CatwalkThe World’s Greatest Catwalk (literally?) will take place on the pedestrian street in the centre of Copenhagen, Strøget after transformed into one long runway where 220 models will walk 1 mile (1.609 km) and beat the world record for the longest catwalk ever.

Denmark’s own Helena Christensen has been announced as the ‘patroness’ and will open the event/game/show with a speech. Expect over 500 fashion brands and a decent amount of fur. It’ll probably be worth paying attention to for the fact that a) someone is bound to fall, b) someone if bound to protest violently, and c) the runway will be pink.