gaucho film club
By their very nature, Londoners rarely finds themselves with ‘nothing to do’. In fact, we’re spoilt for choice. So spoilt we sometimes find ourselves happier to do nothing than make a choice.

I’m here to make that choic for you: go to the Gaucho Film Club.

My first visit was for last Saturday’s screening of The Great Gatsby. The Film Club, you see, is designed to completely immerse you in your cinematic experience by bringing everything that is happening on screen to your glass or plate.

Nestled in the appropriate glamour of Gaucho Charlotte Street’s underground chambers, guests joined Nick, Daisy, and Gatsby for a whirlwind 1920s adventure: mint juleps, a rib-eye with mash potatoes & French beans for their Long Island dinner party, martinis, tea & cupcakes for the infamous afternoon tea arrangement, Chandon & party canapes (salmon mousse, deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms) as party poppers burst over our heads, and whisky to send us to the credits.

It is a perfect marriage of film and food. One I will be happy to return to for Chef on the 7th of May (think of the cuban sandwich potential!) and Reservoir Dogs on the 18th of June (after all, there is no better diner scene in cinematic history).

No more Netflix and Chill, my lovely Londoner. No more.

gaucho film club
gaucho film club
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