Z Spoke by Zac Posen NYFW
I want to make a Pocket Posen – a mini Zac Posen that would inspire me to be permanently intelligent, jovial and fabulous. His Z Spoke collection was inspired by “brains, humour, and sex“, after all. From a yellow crepe jumpsuit to dancing-ladies-print dress with fringe, from seats taken by Kimora Lee Simmons to J. Alexander – the entire show for Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week was a spectacle. It was well-accessorized, contemporary, and very trendy. The lower-budget fashionista has her first lookbook on a platter. View Post

Kimora Lee Simmons No H8“Sources” are saying that Kimora Lee Simmons didn’t leave Baby Phat, the fashion line she founded – she was fired. Allegedly, she was kicked out for being too spendthrift. For example: “It costs thousands of dollars to airbrush her. Kimora was going over-budget. She’d pay herself a fee to be in the ads, plus she paid her children fees to appear in ads.”
Also: “They spent a ton of money on body doubles. They would shoot another model in the clothes, and take Kimora’s head and put in on her body.”