love on top
The Manfriend and I rarely take photos together, but as a snapper-of-everything it is one of my favourite things to annoy him with. Taking advantage of the ongoing romanticism of his proposal, I enticed him with puppies and wrangled him into stepping in front of the lens for five minutes or less. This is the result.*

What I Wore:
Scallop-hemmed lace dress and white blazer (both from H&M) and hand-made heels. I would ask him what he wore, but my ignorance generally keeps the relationship happy.

*How lucky am I?

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puppy smile
I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe I have ever shown the world wide web my beloved children.

So – BOOM! Here we have Mr Waffles (in white) and Miss Pancakes (in tan), my beautiful Thai Pomeranian mixes. Woof woof, and bonjour. Below, they are in all their fluffy glory. Even further below, they have just been groomed. I have to get a little “mommy blogger” on you for a moment, because when they get groomed they have an insane penchant for strutting around and posing like little Toddlers in Tiaras. Eye candy…at least to me.
small dogs
See their makeover, below!
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