Katy Perry Without Makeup
I truly hope seeing your reaction to this photo is, well, non-existent. This past weekend, Russell Brand posted a picture of his wife – Katy Perry – without make-up on Twitter. He quickly took them down, but the picture went viral all the same because, hey, it’s Katy Perry without make-up. In the naturally careless and hateful personas of the internet, reactions were almost entirely negative.

To make this as short as possible, let’s try to fit my point in a sentence:
No-one looks like this when we wake up.

Elie Saab Katy Perry Wedding Dress
Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially married! Due to the extreme lack in photos from their wedding, this photo of Vika from Mademoiselle is the only photo we have of Katy Perry’s wedding dress. Well, alleged dress. All that has currently been confirmed is that it was a gray couture dress by Elie Saab with lace sleeves.

If the dress fits…