Clemence Poesy Olymia Le Tan Bag
Someone is doing it well in the Olympia Le-Tan press office. In a short space of celebrity-appearance time, we have spotted Natalie Portman carrying what looked like a copy of Lolita into the premiere of Black Swan and Clemence Poesy with her paws on Le Belle et la Bete for the red carpet of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One. At least their handbag versions.

For three seasons, Le-Tan has been putting a new spin on the term “book bag“, and has fashionable creations ranging from Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire in her purse library. Who knows, maybe we will be seeing some of our more recent favourites as the brand develops. I will be holding out for a statement piece via War and Peace.
Natalie Portman Olympia Le Tan Book Bag

Black Swan Movie Natalie Portman
It’s movie season, which means big news for the world of fashion. Apart from “Burlesque“, I am beyond excited to see the Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis thriller “Black Swan” by Darren Aronofsky. Main reason? The costumes are by Rodarte, with a huge amount of Swarovski crystals used in the pieces.

Lead costume designer Amy Westcott will pack a powerful punch. So, what can we expect? Spiderweb rehearsal knits and an epic white column dress encrusted with jewels, including lots of play between dark and light (the best transitions between Nina Sayers, Erica Sayers and Lily.)

Zac Posen Twilight Wedding Dress

Zac Posen's Wedding Dress for Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and The City)

The reliable rumour mill – if such a thing exists – has been whispering that Zac Posen has been chosen to design Bella Swan‘s Victorian-inspired wedding dress for the expected mega-hit Twilight: Breaking Dawn. In the best-selling book the dress is described as a garment which “stepped out of an [Jane] Austen movie,” you know, tulle, lace, on the edge of gaudy. Supposedly, Kristen Stewart – the actress who plays Bella – had some input in picking the dress, but claimed that it was “pretty much up to [Twilight author] Stephanie Meyer” to find The Dress. With the mass of absolutely mental vampire/werewolf/Robert Pattinson fans eagerly awaiting a first look, Zac has a lot of expectations to fulfil.

Miu Miu PFW Runway Anais Pouliot
It’s always nice to end on a neon note. Miuccia Prada wrapped up the four main worldwide Fashion Weeks at Miu Miu with a Seventies bow and a soundtrack that strangely featured dialogue from Flashdance, Cheryl Cole and the X Factor. With a timeless mix of “Oh my God” pieces and extreme elegance, there were individual quirks to each piece like stylised swan prints. Wait about two months and you’ll see these items on every magazine shelf you walk by. Thus ends Spring/Summer 2011. Excuse me while I throw my platforms at the wall and slip into a fashion coma. View Post