Instagram – top to bottom, left to right:
1. I mean, honestly. How cute.
2. All aboard the flatforms.
3. The absolute lady love of my life.
4. All the girls congratulating Gillian at Elite Model Look (more on that later this week!)
5. I mean…it wouldn’t be too unacceptable for me to dress like this every day, right?
6. Green tea-ing myself to health after an eve of gin.
7. Try to write on the sofa and the bubbas will ride you like a boat, Lela.
8. The hustle and bustle of London. A flamethrower would be handy.
9. Topknot brigade.

Alexander Wang Niece
It’s not fashion news, but it’s the most captivating thing I could possibly share with you today: a photo of Alexander Wang’s niece at Fashion Week, Chanel bag in tow. Though her topknot is placed high, she obviously meticulously planned the obsessive aptitude of being wider than you are all. Right click, Save as…