August 20, 2010

The Success of The Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

Dan Derrico for TargetTarget put on a 20 minute show perfectly suited to the ADD-generation for “The Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular“. A meticulously choreographed dance routine synchronized to a light show played out across 155 rooms, set to an original score recorded with a 30-piece orchestra and 10-member chorus. If that wasn’t enough, models in Target collections (no William Rast) walked on scaffolding in front of the hotel at the same time. All this amidst protests over Target’s controversial $150,000 donation to business advocacy group MN Forward who supports Tom Emmer, a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor who is outspoken against gay marriage. (Protesters were on hand holding signs that read “Bigot” using Target’s bulls eye logo as the “o”).

The production was massive. The entire side of the Standard was transformed into a flashing disco floor with dancers in each square. At one point dancers contorted to form branches and leaves of a tree that stretched through floors, the windows lit up green around them. Later, curtains were drawn and back lit to set the scene for a burlesque-style tease that only revealed dancers from the waist down.

More impressive was the cost of it all. One source estimates the cost of the event at around a million, easy. Here is a rough breakdown the cost of last night’s Target fall fashion spectacular (minus the private party at the Standard’s biergarten):
– 155 Standard Queen rooms at $295 (their cheapest rates) = $45,725
– 66 professional dancers at around $2000 a dancer (this rough estimate from MSA Talent Agency who reps 20 of the dancers who performed in the show). Dancers rehearsed on a 20,000 square foot sound stage for nine days prior to the show. = $132,000
– 20 models at around $1000 each = $20,000
– Scaffolding structure that held the runway show: $35,000 plus $10,000 for lighting
– Shutting down Little West 12th Street plus security: $100,000
– Celebrity service for Mary-Louise Parker and Penn Badgley at $1000 each for car service, $50,000 each for a 45 minute appearance = $102,000
– 156 LED lights at around $20 each = $3120
– Programming, equipment and labor for lighting = $50,000
– Original score = $35,000
– An estimated four days of recording at $3000 per day with a 30 piece orchestra and 10 member choir = $12,000
– 30 musicians at around $1800 each = $54,000
– Bleachers for viewing = $15,000
– Red carpet (step and repeat plus lighting) = $10,000

TOTAL = over $620,000

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