November 23, 2010

Store-Bought Whitening Will Destroy Your Teeth

Perfect Smile White Teeth
Raise the alarm! Most of us are suckers for some pearly whites (though maybe not on George Hamilton level – hello, Veneers). Because of this, we wipe out our drugstore whitening kits and toothpastes without so much as a glance towards the ingredient list. A Hollywood smile for a few dineros? Yes, please!

What the products aren’t telling you is that they are scraping by with the bare minimum regulations and are destroying your teeth. To cut the medi-speak down, the jist is that all of these ‘quick fixes’ forced upon us are not properly trialled, and many contain small particles of sandpaper that are abrasive enough to wipe stains away, but will also cause damage and sensitivity in the long run.

So, how do we safely get a mega-watt smile? Fashion fan and expert beauty Dr. Anjali Rajah of NW Smiles sat me down to share the friendly and fool-proof methods:

1) For the whitest teeth possible? Zoom! In-Surgery Power Whitening. Don’t worry, we’re not talking scalpels. A specialised light and gel break up stains to reveal mini-pearls. It’s a tooth time machine.

2) Brite Smile To Go Whitening Pens. Too exclusive for drugstore sales. Just a click of brightening formula from a Touche Eclat-sized pen that requires no waiting time once spread over your chompers. The safe alternative to painting your teeth with a Wite Out pen. (I sadly witnessed a girl trialling this method a few years ago.)

3) Lipstick! The right one will brighten your smile instantly. Anjali even offers consultations to find your best shade in her beautiful boutique practice, where many top beauty tricks have been tried and tested to add extra sparkle to your smile.

Look after your mouth, ladies and gentlemen! Use a proper dentist – like NW Smiles – now so you don’t have to end up as a “before” photo a few years down the road.

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