September 12, 2011

“Never Worked a Day” featuring…Me!

Body Shapes
Hello, lovelies.

Quick break in between the madness of Fashion Week posts and more exciting fashion and beauty content for a quick plug! Recently, “B for Bel” (aka Belinda) interviewed me for her “Never Worked a Day” blog series. In her own words:

Never Worked a Day is a series of interviews about people who are working, or are working towards, their dream jobs. A large bulk of us is still paying our dues towards that ambition, or is still actively searching for it. No matter our circumstances, I’ve always found that listening to inspiring people who have somehow found the courage, perseverance and admirable fervor to weave those dreams into a very tangible reality, acts as a huge propeller for us to discover and live our own passions.

It was a great, fun interview and I encourage anyone interested in the industry to take a look at the series. Click here for the “Lela London” edition!

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