June 28, 2012

Luck in The Sales

floral days
I currently have £150 to spend in accumulated gift cards and no idea what I’m spending them on. In fact, I always seem to get wallet-numbingly frugal when it comes to spending gift cards. Sales, however? The minute I find a good deal the cash is flashed.

Secret Sales (click here for an invite!) is one of the sites that always ‘gets me’. Their latest sales include the above: a Pussycat London white v-neck floral dress (£12 from £28, belt swap, add a blazer, BOOM!), Paula Soler woven platform wedges (£39 from £97 and my ultimate summer shoe!), and red iLuv earphones (£7 from £15, and much needed for my upcoming trip to Berlin). Yes…I’m justifying my spending via blog.

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