July 13, 2012

Tan Without a Tan

fake a tan
Though it is the season of tans-a-plenty, I am the worst possible candidate. Rather than “milky white” porcelain skin, I am relatively see-through, freckled, and look ridiculous if I try to paint myself orange. Prioritizing healthy skin, tanning beds and laying out simply don’t appeal.

So, how do we get that beauty editor-popularized ‘glow’ without biscuit-scented lotions or sun damage? See above!

1. Wear white. As a visual contrast, it will lift and brighten the pigment of even the palest skin. (Dress: Rick Owens at The Outnet)
2. Beta-Carotene. This natural supplement is a fantastic protector of skin that is also found in kale, spinach, carrots, mangoes, and more. In addition to activating your skin’s defences against the sun, it gives you a very healthy glow. (Pack of 100: www.hollandandbarrett.com)
3. Light blue/light green accessories. Pastels are great, in particular, as the coolness of the colour will warm up your skin. (Necklace: Dannijo at Ssense)
4. Red lipstick. It is teeth-brightening and creates a luminous appearance to your face. DuWop’s “Private Red” is self-adjusting, which makes it perfect for anyone – lipstick lovers to lipstick newbies. (Lipstick: DuWop at FeelUnique)

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