Lanvin’s Real People (Bringing Paris to you!)

lanvin real people
Alber Elbaz – the extraordinarily talented designer of Lanvin – received a lot of love when he decided to feature ‘real people’ in his Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign. Now that there is a video to go along with it, that love is sure to multiply like bunnies.

In the campaign video (below) a group of diverse and beautiful men and woman segue between stop-motion photo shoots and soundbites while wearing the best of Lavin’s upcoming collection; peplum-ed and fur-ed to the nines. We have an elegant 81-year-old woman from Harlem, eyes like diamonds, “new diseases (and like)”, strange obsessions and collections, connecting with the earth, douchey music, and much much more. Charming as ever, Monsieur Elbaz.