October 14, 2012

What I Wore – Antithesis

antithesis fashion

As much as I love the delirious haze of fashion seasons, there is much to love about designers that create transeasonal collections. RenĂ©e Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper are two such women who launched their ‘slow fashion’ label, ANTITHESIS, last month. Dubbed “The Carry On Closet”, the collection is aimed at empowering cosmopolitan women through a 10-piece transformable capsule collection. Commendably, the duo have also used high quality materials (all locally manufactured and sourced) to encourage conscious consumption towards our sustainable fashion future.

They have created a fantastic video to fully illustrate the conceptual collection, which shows the garments in all their glory; blazers becoming waistcoats, both sides of the stunning wrap coat I have worn above, modular dresses which you can zip multiple embellishments onto – all there with its foolproof fashion fun.

What I Wore:
The Two-Piece Blouse
The Knit Piece
The Reversible Onepiece

antithesis fashion

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