December 20, 2012

Bupa: A No Calorie Advent Calendar!

bupa advent calendar
When it comes to advent calendars it is generally considered a big time error to have a complete lack of chocolate hidden behind your daily door. Then again, with a month of sumptuous seasonal foods, Christmas shopping, and those booze-heavy holiday parties with family, friends and work, it might just be a better idea to refocus our attention from those ‘harmless’ little Lindt balls to some season-appropriate health tips.

Here to help you stay sane as deadlines loom and healthy as the cold creeps in, Bupa have created an online Bupa advent calendar that will post a new tip each day until Christmas to help you stay healthy over the festive season. Bupa tips are focused around various topics – including sensible drinking, keeping active and reducing stress – and deliver them in a quick and easy to instigate dose of information that in shareable through all of your favourite social media tools; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and – of course – Pinterest.

I’ve already learned that Christmas shopping can burn up to 300 calories an hour (an excuse to skip the gym and crack open your new – what, it was on holiday sale! – wallet). Even more interesting, I found out that a 20-a-day smoker spends about £2,000 a year on cigarettes and could therefore use that money to create a pretty amazing Christmas for themselves if they kicked the habit or made a New Year’s resolution to do so (know a few Facebook walls that one will get posted on)!

Which tips have you found helpful?

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