August 7, 2013

Fitness: Nike Fashion

nike fashion
When it comes to working out, I am one hundred percent positive that dressing up to work out releases as many endorphins as the activity itself. In my personal opinion, Nike is the brand to beat in this fashion category. When reflecting on the pieces I love to wear most, the three below happened to all be Nike-branded.

Rival Stretch Woven Running Skirt
When it comes to running, skirt trumps shorts any day. I may love my legs, but I have a curvaceous back end and feel a little too sexy if I’m running around town in shorts or leggings. Thankfully, these babies have sweat-wicking boyshorts and an adjustable skirt hem for personalised style and comfort. It even has a zippered pocket on the centre-back for keys and, if you’re nuts like me, your phone (Instagram-worthy runs!).

Epic Crew 2 Training Shirt
This training shirt is incredibly comfortable, has gussets at the side seams to allow full range of motion, and seems to regulate my body temperature whether the sun’s shining or my skin’s goosebumping.

Pro Hypercool Capris
These Pro capris have a sweat-wicking fabric, ample ventilation, as well as a compression fit for supportive comfort when worn alone or as a base layer. For weights, stretching, squats, and more, these are my go-tos.

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