November 30, 2013

In Review: Covent Garden Dental Spa, London

covent garden dental spa
I definitely have not spent a significant amount of time in a dentist’s chair. While I don’t have a phobia, a predominately clean diet and healthy dental regime means I have never had a pressing reason to pop in. It was something that didn’t phase me…until I booked in for a ‘Bright White Christmas Smile‘ at the Covent Garden Dental Spa. Though the package is a must-buy at only £67.50 (usually £135), I felt I was due for a little oral shaming when Google informed me the last time I entered ‘Dentist’ into my calendar was – seriously – over two years ago.

Regardless, I made my way down Neal Street and through the Dental Spa’s nondescript black door. Greeted by a sweetly smiling receptionist, I admitted my sins by form and was quickly ushered through to Lana’s capable gloved hands. The experience kicks off with a Deluxe Diamond Sparkle Polish hygiene clean (including a ticklish but effective special airflow treatment) to get down and non-dirty, removing all surface stains to reveal a much brighter and healthier smile. In addition, the spa offers a complimentary ‘dental survival kit’ packed with a with travel-sized toothbrush, mini toothpaste, dental floss, chewing gum and a personalised ‘festive fresh breath’ regime.

With my only real tooth offense highlighted as infrequent flossing (I know I can’t be the only one who thought brushing their teeth 2-3x a day was doing the brunt of the work? It’s not.), I left feeling super knowledgable and supafresh.

covent garden dental spa

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