September 9, 2014

Getting the DSLR off of ‘Auto’

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While I know I’m not alone in my love for photography, I have known for quite some time that I have forced myself into an undesirable niche photographers; the ones who don’t get their DSLR off the ‘auto’ setting.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried. I have attended a handful of ‘photography classes’ over the past three years but have always left feeling either confused (“Why have I spent four hours studying light leaks when 90% of my photography is reactive?”) or underwhelmed (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ‘taught’ the rule of thirds when my only photographical strength is a natural knack for composition).

This time, things were different.

On Sunday, I spent the day with a group of fantastic bloggers and photographers at the Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield to receive a full-on masterclass from Pandora Maund of Going Digital. Unlike classes that I have previously attended, I came away from the day like a singleton returning from The Perfect First Date – I wanted to take a picture of absolutely everything in sight (the kind of camera lust that has dwindled since purchasing my first ‘proper’ camera as a teenager).

Instead of fiddling around tirelessly with manual settings, the day equipped me with both textbook and practical tips and knowledge that has – in my opinion – improved my photography tenfold. Not only that, but the Copthorne Hotel’s proximity to the football grounds of Sheffield United made for some super snazzy shots (special access is a beautiful thing, eh?).

My new year’s resolution is to never take a photo on ‘auto’ again.*

(*If I struggle, there’s always Instagram…)

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