July 29, 2015

In Review: Canon PowerShot SX710 HS

canon sx710 hs
Any fellow blogger is sure to empathise with the sheer amount of tech we have to carry around to fulfil our digital duties. For myself, I am often strapped down with a laptop, a sizeable DSLR, and an even more sizeable lens.

In an effort to strip things down for Summer, I have paired up with John Lewis on their tech-friendly Find Your Summer campaign in the hopes of simplifying my image-reliant life.

I have been pleasantly surprised.

My travel-friendly camera of choice – the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS – ticks the majority of my DSLR-loving boxes. What it lacks (the ability to change lens) it makes up for in tech specs.

On first impressions, I thought the camera would be too light and slim to pack a photographic punch but the photos spoke for themselves. The zoom alone – 30x ultrazoom with ultra wide-angle and 60x on ZoomPlus – is extremely sharp, with the camera offering an ‘Advanced Zoom Framing Assist’ button which creates the optimum framing for the moment you’re trying to capture. It quite literally does all the work for you.

The 5-axis intelligent optical Image Stabiliser is really the key to this camera’s success. Without it, crisp and detailed shots in extreme conditions (ie low light, movement, substantial focal lengths) would be an impossibility. With it, you get comparison shots like the ones below.

Additional features include built-in WiFi and social uploads (INSTAGRAM GOLD), full HD video recording (also with image stabilisation), manual & Creative Shot modes (including fisheye!), and a handy pop-up flash (though I have yet to experience the need for it).

The SX710 is not going to make me throw away my SLR but it’s not going to leave my handbag, either.

canon sx710 vs 550d
Canon SX710 HS on auto VS. Canon 550D f4.5 / ISO 400
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