Karl Lagerfeld Macys
If you have yet to hear of Macy’s “Impulse” department, you will soon find it’s hype inescapable. Why? Karl Lagerfeld has designed a capsule collection for them (no really, I’m serious)!

With a campaign full of Coco Rocha goodness – shot in Lagerfeld’s library in Paris – the 45 piece collection (priced between $50 and $170) is sure to fly off the racks. Karl said:

“To me Macy’s is the perfect department store in the US where everybody can find what they’re looking for without ruining their budget.”

With that said, when it comes to designer collaborations, we can’t all afford to buy one of everything, can we? For that reason, I have curated a list of the ten best pieces from the collections – the ones that scream “Chanel”.

1. Dress, $124.
2. Blush dress, $99.
3. Ruffled dress, $119.
4. Collared dress, $139.
5. Brown jacket, $119.
6. Scarf, $49.
7. Leather short, $79.
8. Tweed dress, $129 (top pick!)
9. Belted tweed jacket, $169.
10. White blouse, $99.

The collection goes on sale at 235 Macy’s across America and on macys.com on August 31.

Mischa Barton Fashion
Mischa Barton‘s handbags leave a lot to be desired. They are quasi-fashionable with no real pièce de résistance. You can imagine my absent excitement when hearing that the twenty-four year old tabloid favourite has decided to expand her ‘collection’ into a full clothing line. Believing fashion should be affordable, the garments will be produced for teenagers/twenty-somethings who want to look good on a budget. While Mischa is genetically blessed and can sometimes pull together absolutely phenomenal style, her dress sense has been known to runs into unflattering and tasteless territory. I have my fingers crossed for you, Marissa Cooper (RIP).