le kalon hammam
After my trip to Morocco (more on that tomorrow!), I became obsessed with the idea of having a hammam experience. Shortly thereafter, in one of those strange twists of fate, one fell into my lap. After discovering my Carte Noire Experience at Westfield post, Carte Noire invited me to recreate the ‘Moment of Intensity’ found within each tin of Carte Noire Instinct by indulging in a luxurious Hammam spa treatment at Le Kalon in The Bentley Hotel.

With a flicker of a brain cell, I obliged.

Descending into the stunning reception of Le Kalon via private spa elevator, I knew I was in for a treat. After having the treatment fully explained and a glass of water to prepare me for the virtual baking ahead, I shed my layers and settled down into the rather opulent hammam you see above. First left to relax and allow my pores to open under the intense heat of the room, I was left alone and re-introduced to my spa therapist roughly 15 minutes later to begin the ancient cleansing rituals. Laying on a central marble table, I was washed with a Turkish black olive soap and essential oils before being rinsed and deeply, satisfyingly scrubbed with a traditional goat’s hair Hammam glove. By the end of the treatment, you do feel a revitalising sense of cleanliness that is only further intensified by the chance to relax (and in my case, have some Carte Noire and a fruit plate) and read in their stunning post-treatment area.


le kalon hammam
le kalon hammam
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carte noire westfield
We all know how I feel about my coffee*. The coffee experience, in general, takes on a whole different identity to many of my liquid vices (I don’t often have ‘a water experience’ or a ‘green tea experience’). When I found out that Carte Noire were looking to bring that experience to life in one of my favourite shopping haunts, Westfield Stratford, I was fast on my heels to check it out.

Lasting until April 18th, Carte Noire have taken over one of Westfield’s shop windows to – in their words – ‘recreate the intensity found inside every tin of Carte Noire Instinct’. Using a live camera feed, cutting-edge motion tracking technology, cinematic visuals and sound effects, the window will transform shoppers’ surroundings and allow them to savour the intensity of the moment (with some extraordinary results). The installation event includes free coffee samples of Instinct (honestly the only instant coffee I choose drink, thanks to a smart Wholebean blend with finely milled coffee beans), vouchers for future purchases, and lots of social share-ability (see: @CarteNoireUK #savourthemoment and facebook.com/CarteNoireUK!)

Looking forward to your caffeinated tweets, guys and dolls.

*For those who don’t…that feeling is MANIC HAPPINESS.