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You’re a bit lost as to where to eat in Copenhagen, right? No worries, babe. I was, too. In a city famed almost entirely on food, the best” food can prove harder to find than the money to visit it in the first place.

I mean, sure, mainstays like Noma (renowned as one of the entire world’s best restaurants) present the,selves as obvious options but many of the city’s culinary diamonds can only truly be found in the rough.

The rough I’ve rustled my way through, below…

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Galleries Lafayette Worlds Biggest Fashion Show
Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette have organized for over 50 French cities – along with Berlin – to team up for a series of synchronized fashion shows that will include 10,000 participants, both male and female, showcasing their own clothing as it fits into their six designated themes of Neo-Prep, Rock, Glamour, Bohemian Chic, Street Sport, and Fashion. It will come to a grand total of 1.2 runway miles.

It’s going down during Paris Fashion Week – September 30th to be exact – with the biggest of all of the synchronized shows taking place on Paris’ Boulevard Haussmann and consisting of 700 models pre-picked through Galeries Lafayette Online. Take that, Copenhagen Fashion Week, with your 250 models in only 10 locales.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Catwalk RunwayThe world’s longest catwalk got a little wet, and some heels broke during the insanity, but it was a successful tie-in to one of the most insane Fashion Week’s I’ve seen in recent years.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Moods of Norway

Best: Moods of Norway

Copenhagen Fashion Week Minimarket hat

Worst: Minimarket

…and I usually love Minimarket. I just can’t see ANYONE wearing this.

Helena Christensen Greatest CatwalkThe World’s Greatest Catwalk (literally?) will take place on the pedestrian street in the centre of Copenhagen, Strøget after transformed into one long runway where 220 models will walk 1 mile (1.609 km) and beat the world record for the longest catwalk ever.

Denmark’s own Helena Christensen has been announced as the ‘patroness’ and will open the event/game/show with a speech. Expect over 500 fashion brands and a decent amount of fur. It’ll probably be worth paying attention to for the fact that a) someone is bound to fall, b) someone if bound to protest violently, and c) the runway will be pink.