September 28, 2010

Worlds Biggest Fashion Show – It’s a Eurotrip

Galleries Lafayette Worlds Biggest Fashion Show
Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette have organized for over 50 French cities – along with Berlin – to team up for a series of synchronized fashion shows that will include 10,000 participants, both male and female, showcasing their own clothing as it fits into their six designated themes of Neo-Prep, Rock, Glamour, Bohemian Chic, Street Sport, and Fashion. It will come to a grand total of 1.2 runway miles.

It’s going down during Paris Fashion Week – September 30th to be exact – with the biggest of all of the synchronized shows taking place on Paris’ Boulevard Haussmann and consisting of 700 models pre-picked through Galeries Lafayette Online. Take that, Copenhagen Fashion Week, with your 250 models in only 10 locales.

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