lash blast luxe
Welcome to my new favourite mascara that is my almost-old favourite mascara. Let me explain…

In 2007, I decided I wanted to start playing with make-up…on myself. Until that point, I was the go-to make-up artist for everyone’s special events, proms, etcetera…but never actually wore make-up on my own face. The same week that I hit the drugstore for new tools, Covergirl had released a mascara called “Lash Blast“. Down to what I’m sure is subliminal messaging in between episodes of One Tree Hill, the mascara ended up in my basket.

And since that day, I have probably ‘hit pan’ on over ten of those orange tubes. While the large molded brush was initially an ignored gimmick, the mascara’s conditioning waxes coated each lash to voluminous perfection and never clumped. “If a drugstore mascara can make me this fluttery,” I thought to myself, “…imagine what high-end products would look like!”

But the Diorshow’s and Faux Cils of the $24+ variety didn’t deliver quite like Lash Blast. Imagine my horror when, a month after moving to London, I found out that Covergirl didn’t retail in the UK.

Maybe not horror. Displeasure.

Here’s the climax! Last week, while stumbling around for water in the 90-degree heat of Manhattan, I ended up in a Duane Reade. A Duane Reade that had a whole shelf full of my long lost love. Because I’m completely illogical, I opted for the “Lash Blast Luxe” rather than the “Lash Blast” I was used to. Thankfully, I haven’t been disappointed.

Big lash warning: below!

Do you have a beauty product that you’re this crazy passionate about?
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Lindsay Lohan Playboy

Lindsay Lohan - Playboy

  • Well, there you have it. Lindsay Lohan posed for the cover of Playboy, and the image has leaked. Her ‘wobbly bits’ (as Bridget Jones would call them) are hidden behind a Playboy bunny-shaped chair, but her vampy red lips and platinum waves are both on full show. The whole spread is said to be unveiled on Ellen (?!) on December 15th, which has me thinking there probably won’t be any more ‘naughty‘ points next to Lindsay’s name this Christmas.

  • French label Emanuel Ungaro seems to be cursed after last year’s major financial losses. With designer Giles Deacon quitting the house in September, CEO Jeffry Aronsson is also waving his white flag after only six months, leaving to focus on his work at Aronsson Group – his investment and consulting firm.

  • Modelling agency “Wilhelmina” has signed Gloria Estefan to their celebrity division.

  • Oh God, my Trapper Keeper from 1995 is going to lose it over this news. Remember super-sparkly Lisa Frank and her line of incredible dolphin/unicorn/rainbow stationary? Well, now she is selling adults apparel. It’s hipster-tastic, and I kind of want everything.

  • Pantone – the colour forecasting firm – is collaborating with cosmetics giant Sephora to develop a make up line! In will be released in March of 2012, and my inner design nerd is ecstatic.

  • “The First Supermodel”, Janice Dickinson, spoke out recently about feeling “conned” over her time as a judge on America’s Next Top Model.

    “CoverGirl are the people that choose the [winner],” she explained. “Not any of the judges, not what Tyra says. It’s who CoverGirl thinks should win.”
    – Janice Dickinson


  • Though I was far too busy to attend any shows, I absolutely died over the review of Chanel’s pre-fall 2012 collection – “Paris-Bombay” – yesterday. There were sumptuous, golden highlights everywhere, Kohl-smudged eyes, and the most luscious Indian-inspired construction seen from the garments to the catering. Their new golden nail polish, “Diwali“, also debuted; it is destined for absolute nail mania.

    The best seat in the house is available for your viewing pleasure, below.

  • jessica stam covergirl
    I am a little bit of a Jessica Stam stan. When I saw this photo pop up on my screen, I literally eep-ed. Apart from Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley, this is the first supermodel – that I can recall – to become a “CoverGirl“, and she’s doing it with all sorts of Stam-Specific Beauty.

    Get that coin, girl.
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