erdem aw14

1. Erdem

Okay, okay, I know I said I wouldn’t tweet from shows this season, but I had to make an exception for Erdem. What a collection.

For Autumn/Winter 2014, Erdem delivered unlikely mashups – seventeenth-century Velázquez infantas and the gorgeous Anna Karina, por ejemplo – to create a modern pack of epitomised girl power. After a slightly less-embellished wobbly last season, the King of Guipure returned to full-force flair. Like seeing a flower in full bloom, his botanical embroidery brought me back to everything I first fell in love with about his clothes: the magic, the detailing, and the feeling that wearing a piece from a collection such as this could somehow change your life.

As I tweeted: you take the cake, Mr. Moralıoğlu.

erdem aw14
erdem aw14
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Erdem LFW Runway
Erdem shook things up a little at London Fashion Week by holding his show in a white tent in the middle of Bedford Square. Everything was exquisite, from lavishly embroidered white lace to Lolita-style uniform frocks. Erdem embodies what can only be called ‘sensible couture‘, using crossover heels and skirts resembling tutus to successfully portray his ballet inspiration. Literally bloomin‘ marvellous. View Post