fenwick affogato
For all the times I have visited Bond & Brook I am rather ashamed to say that, until this week, I had no idea Fenwick also had an Affogato Bar under it’s designer wings.

A best kept secret by any fashionista’s standards, The Affogato Bar is tucked away in a quiet corner on the third floor at Fenwick Bond Street and conveniently overlooks designer favourites including Orla Kiely. Modelled on an original Milanese coffee bar, their celebrated namesake are their Affogatos (espresso poured onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream) though their fresh mint teas, juices (apple and ginger, in particular), and light bites are what happened to beckon me up a floor from Bond & Brook.

H Forman’s and Son smoked salmon plate was the catch of the day for me and included sliced smoked Scottish salmon with herb cream cheese and capers, lemon cheeks and toasted soldiers. When paired with a few glasses of champagne, a girly catch-up, and a slice of rich chocolate cake to finish, both the salmon plate and my dining partner’s ‘salad of the day’ offered wonderfully simple and light sustenance among our naughtier lunch choices. Molto buono.

fenwick affogato
fenwick affogato
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bond and brook
When invited to dine in Fenwick Bond Street, a lady certainly does not decline. That is why I was thrilled to spend an afternoon at Bond and Brook – Fenwick’s second floor eatery and lovechild of the rhubarb family.

Upon arrival, I felt immediately at home. Right in front of our table was an enormous version of the fifth photo in my “Best of Tumblr – Chandeliers”, which happens to be one of my favourite photos of all time.

And the food and drink certainly matched it’s setting. Starting with a glass of champagne and some fresh apple juice, I perused through their delicious-sounding offerings (seriously, look at the menu) and settled on a three course set menu.

My boyfriend did the same, as our starter – an intricate place which showcased carpaccio of beef – was exactly our taste. Nothing but the loveliest, simplest flavours expertly combined.

From then on, our tastes shifted to completely different dishes. He opted for a creamy main of chicken, biscuits (the American kind… without the lackluster American flavour), and mushrooms, while I settled for a perfectly portioned – but loaded – fine fish omelette.

Then, waistlines expanding, came dessert. For The Boy With A Taste for Cake, a generous lemon creation that had an incredible, colourful zest. For The Girl Who Believes Fruit Negates Excess, a delectable serving of poires belle helene.

Finished with a richly crafted latte and a small serving of M&Ms (charmingly coloured in Pantone PMS 245), I believe this is probably the most delicious – and enormous! – meal I have had in over 3 months. Chic, understated quality all round.

Enjoy the photos!
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