Rachel Zoe dies by Michael Kors in Harper's Bazaar

Dress, bags, and shoes, Michael Kors. Ring (top), House of Lavande.

Yep, death is apparently the lovely theme of the day.

Harper’s Bazaar just released shots from a new spread with Rachel Zoe inspired by her favorite expression of love: “I die.” Taking the expression literally, designers like Francisco Costa, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Brian Atwood, and Michael Kors pose murderously with the stylist. View Post

Clueless - The Calvin Klein Dress

"It's a dress." / "Says who?!" / "Calvin Klein."

Confederacy owner Ilaria Urbinati has which teamed up with Francisco Costa (Creative Director at Calvin Klein) to reissue the dress that sent Dan Hedaya’s head into a parental tailspin after Urbinati professed her undying love for the original ensemble.
Exclusive to Confederacy, the dress is retailing at a wallet-emptying $916 and is also available in a Valentine-red color.

While I personally feel like spending my leftover $916/£603.21 on shoes, this is definitely an offer I would suggest other Clueless obsessors take advantage of. After all, the dress has survived fashion and trend changes for fifteen years.