Vogue Cover

Vogue Cover: Click to enlarge!

For the first time since starting Fashion Spot, I am presenting my take on something other than an ad. This time? A Vogue magazine cover.

While Vogue is the Fashion Bible, there are a few things I would love to see on their covers:

  • Text reduction: “59 Ways To Wear Platforms While Having The Best Sex…EVER” just doesn’t entice anymore. If I am buying a magazine, I am primarily driven by image quality; nonsensical text blocks truly turn me off. A ‘table of contents‘ could be on the back cover to cater to the content-driven.
  • Iconography: Love live the day of memorable covers. In the recreation of the Marilyn Monroe image I’ve created, the concentration is solely on fashion and beauty. Vogue’s content decides what the latest fashion and trends are – the casing should reflect as such.
  • ‘Normal’ Models: I’m not going to get all Zooey Deschanel just yet, but when compiling a magazine with this much influence, I can only imagine involving relatable models – like your Friendly Neighborhood Fashion Blogger above – would be very well received. After all, we are the industry.
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    Donna Karan Ad Lela

    Donna Karan

    J’adore Donna Karan. The label’s clothes are long-lasting – both in construction and style – and easily fall in line with all of your multiple fashion personalities. For my ad inspiration, I have taken Donna Karan’s ad style and a) cut it in half, their images can sometimes be spread too far to localize their latest design aesthetic, as well as b) highlighted the famous logo, which seems like an afterthought at times.

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    Moncler Grenoble Fall Winter 2011
    Let’s go crazy* for the the latest fashion flash mob, staged by Moncler Grenoble in the main hall of Grand Central Station. For their Fall/Winter 2011 presentation, Grenoble started off by easing some of their radiant, skiwear-clad models in the rush hour madness. The models stood still as lead until the music kicked, a model mass danced out, and the theatrics began. While the Grenoble collection is no Prabal Gurung, they rank number one for fashion-conscious Winter Wear. Check out the top five looks below, along with a video of the show!

    *Part of the show’s soundtrack. Prince, baby. View Post