Tuscan Turnaround Vogue Lara Stone
Tuscan Turnaround is an iconic start to the new year. It’s US Vogue. It’s Mario Testino. It’s Lara Stone. These are the type of shoots that make the girls of today and tomorrow save up to buy a monthly look into a world more magical than Narnia. The lighting is flawless, and plays with the many characters of Lara in the way of an exhausting dream. NSFW, but in a tasteful light. View Post

Freja Beha Erichsen Arizona Muse Vogue Italia
Vogue Italia is starting the new year with an absolutely stellar cover. You’re seeing it right, that’s Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse working as streamlined bombshells. This January 2011 issue shot was photographed by Steven Meisel in an 80’s-style Chanel ad, calling for Erichsen and Muse to wear the Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 looks they debuted on Karl Lagerfeld‘s impeccable runway.

Paradise Lost Dafne Cejas
If you haven’t heard, all of the world is now completely done with 2010. Poor year. Though your favourite fashion blog is less than a year old, I think it’s only right to share the best spread of the year with you. Looking back over hundreds of ‘favourites’, the shoot that really stood out was “Paradise Lost” from V Magazine #65. One of the many reasons I obsess over this spread is because the two ‘featured’ people are unbelievablly underrated. First we have model Dafne Cejas, a game-changer that has one of the most skilled and transformational portfolios of the decade. Then, the sensational Sebastian Faena; a photographer that can produce exquisite memories. The collaboration between the two produce images that are secretly sinister, with silhouettes that seem otherworldly. Beauty that isn’t thrown in your face is always chief.

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Julia Restoin Roitfeld Tom Ford V Magazine
If you don’t already know, Julia Restoin Roitfeld is model and daughter of famed French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. For V Magazine‘s upcoming issue #69, she is delivering a tiny collection of stunning self-portraits (the kind you don’t find on Myspace) while wearing Tom Ford‘s long awaited womenswear collection. Check out her short interview with the designer and the rest of the shoot below:

JULIA RESTOIN ROITFELD What made you decide that this was the season to return to fashion?
TOM FORD I told myself that I would not come back to 
women’s fashion until I felt I had something new to say. I feel that fashion has become too serious and that the actual customer’s needs have not really been addressed. Fashion needs to make one happy. It is a luxury and should enhance one’s quality of life.

JRR What inspired your collection?
TF Real clothes for real women. I want to concentrate on my real customer. That’s why I showed idealized versions of her – different women of different ages. It was about individuality, different body types, women who have their own style.

JRR What do you think fashion needs more of right now?
TF Spontaneity. Fashion needs to be more fun.

JRR What personality traits does the Tom Ford woman possess?
TF My customer has her own sense of style and knows herself well. My goal is to help women become the best version of themselves.

JRR What is your favorite piece from the collection?
TF I love every piece. That is like asking someone which one of their children is their favourite.

JRR Outside fashion, what are you looking forward to this spring?
TF I have to say more fashion. I love what I am doing right now and can’t wait to start the next collection.

JRR What was the last thing that made you laugh?
TF I laugh a good bit so that is a hard question. I suppose a phone call I just had with Richard [Buckley] five minutes ago made me laugh pretty hard. He has a wicked sense of humour.

JRR What’s your New Year’s resolution?
TF I don’t have one. I believe in living life the way that you want to live it every day, and if you do that you don’t really need to have New Year’s resolutions.

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Pussy West Vogue Terry Richardson
I am shocked this is a Terry Richardson photoshoot. It has the tacky factor, yet Vogue Paris really trimmed the fat from his expected obscenity. For the magazine’s entrance into the new year, Julia von Boehm styled three of my favourite models – Eniko Mihalik, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Crystal Renn – into unparagoned beauty. It’s feeling a little Kill Bill. View Post