Zooey Deschanel Idiot Brother
Over the past two days, two of my favourite celebrity ladies have really impressed me on the fashion front.

First, we have Zooey Deschanel – the actress commonly confused for Katy Perry who gained major fame in Elf, 500 Days of Summer, and will soon appear in “New Girl” on Fox). Though she was stuck in a must-wear-black-tights uniform for years, she has recently started becoming a little more adventurous with her fashion choices.

At yesterday’s LA premiere for “Our Idiot Brother” (which took place at the ArcLight Cinemas), Zooey wore a monochrome Moschino dress from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Though the look is two-toned from top to bottom – where she sports a black pair of YSL Trib Toos – the ruffled detail at the waist and her oversized, detachable collar keeps it very Zooey. With a wavy, side-swept bun and super-long false lashes (only on her lower lash line), she is the farthest thing from Plain Jane.

Kristen Bell Alberta Ferretti
Then we have the utterly gorgeous Kristen Bell on her way to a private ‘swag bag’ party which took place at an undisclosed residence in Brentwood, California on Sunday. The beautiful blonde paired together two separate Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2011 pieces that I will now be seeing in my fashion dreams. They happen nightly.

The separates were a taupe, crocheted long-sleeve top paired with a grass-green skirt which was also covered in an apricot print. Accessories-wise we have the crocodile Jimmy Choo “Rhea” tote, orange stiletto-heeled pumps and gold-trimmed sunglasses. Nothing ‘matches’ but every item compliments the next. My kind of style.

Vintage Sexy Eating
If you want to skip the video below, I shall go ahead and tell you the secret: just be hot.

We all had a sneaking suspicion, right? The old cliche – if we were ‘more beautiful’ we would have the world in our hands. The presenter in the video decides to test this theory out by wearing an unflattering outfit, no makeup, and ‘lazy hair’ one day, then the antithesis the next. One version of herself got free taxi rides, free cake, free ice cream, and free champagne. The other version gets a “thanks for helping” pint of beer and nothing else, though she visits all of the same locations.

So, the glamour girl gets it all, even though they are the same woman. It’s a supremely interesting reflection on our interpretation of beauty. Does this mean the only way to be treated well is in heels? Certainly not. One aspect of the experiment that isn’t discussed is the level and delivery of communication.

While “Glamour Girl” struts around and approaches every test with a coy and flirtatious attitude, we have “Plain Jane” acting defeated – literally shrinking into her clothes – when she asks for the same experience. Perhaps it is the apparent lack of confidence/deserving attitude that tipped the scale in the cosmetic-coated corner.

How do you feel about the clip? Do you think it would have turned out differently if the attitudes were swapped, or is it distinctly visual influence?

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