Prom Dress
Ready to shop prom dresses, my younger fashion friends? If you’re going this year, I hope you have the time of your life! Here are a selection of 10 dresses to suit every kind of prom-goer, all can be shipped worldwide, all under $100; who said cheap prom dresses have to look cheap? Check them out below.

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Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2011
THE NINETIES. Honestly, if you’re reading this fashion blog, you’re most likely in the generation that grooves sentimental on the era of quirky fashion. Alexander Wang seems to feel the same, thanks to his Fall/Winter, late nineties, grunge-meets-classy collection. Swarovski crystals on pants? Mohair and satin combined? Ombre knits? It was a groomed reflection of most of our beloved teen years. Check out the top five looks below. View Post