uniqlo colour
Obviously I got a little bit ahead of myself by taking wardrobe cues from the sunshine today; this outfit is my most hopeful attempt at jumping straight into Summer mode. Blame the delivery of Uniqlo’s staple tunics and pretty jackets coming all at once, but somehow I managed to convince myself that one layer balanced out the other in regards to body temperature.

It didn’t…but I’m colourful and happy.

What I Wore:
Uniqlo tunic as a dress (shorts necessary!). Uniqlo jacket. Dune platform sandals.

uniqlo colour

Sean OPry for Elle ChinaMr. Uniqlo, DKNY, Gap, Zara, etcetera also known as Sean O’Pry got his very own cover of Elle China. He is man of the moment for sure. They are ‘Crazy For Him‘.