August 31, 2010

They Want Candy

Candy Pratts PriceWe were all in shock when Candy Pratts Price was “laid off” from Style.com in 2009, where she had held the title of executive fashion director. After all, she had a seemingly great relationship with Anna Wintour, and a voice on the site that was arguably irreplaceable (who can forget her little Candy cartoon talks?!). Wintour has referred to Price as “Queen of the Internet,” and for good reason. She has an eye for fashion and knows how to best present that for an online community.

In a win for Candy, it has been confirmed that she has been tapped as the creative director of Vogue.com, which, as of September 7th will be in direct competition with Price’s old stomping ground, Style.com. We guess Conde just can’t get enough of Candy.

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