April 26, 2011

Recipes via Vogue Italia

Hot Girl Cooking
Vogue Italia has such an entrepreneurial spirit. Along with their already jam-packed website, they have just released “Vogue Kitchen“, a fashionably-presented online cooking school. Be prepared for recipes and videos that will teach you – through an impossibly gorgeous Italian woman and English subtitles – “fast, delicious and, above all, healthy recipes.”

The first video alone foreshadows major success with a gorgeous-looking cream of pumpkin soup with scallops. The accompanying blog also reveals the benefits from the recipe (quoted below), like pumpkin for better skin and vitamin-rich scallops!

Shopping list (Two Servings):
400g of pumpkin (Half of a pumpkin)
2 scallops, half shell
20g of extra virgin olive oil
30g of leek
Licorice powder

Ready in 20 minutes.
Difficulty: Low.

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