October 29, 2012

Review: 23 Carat Gold Luxe at The Spa in Dolphin Square

spa in dolphin square
Spa treatments, for the majority of us, are something of a treat. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas…the textbook ‘spa day’ is almost synonymous with gifting. Unfortunately, this usually means they are a let down, as well. Whether it’s a half-baked manicure or a massage that feels more like a tickle, it takes me a lot to get excited about a spa treatment.

Which is why, beauties, I cannot wait any longer to tell you about The Spa in Dolphin Square (t: 020 7798 6767). A stone’s throw away from Pimlico, this Moroccan-inspired spa is a complete departure from its surroundings. A richly-coloured and sensual oasis nestled underneath a private apartment block. A secret.

In an act of utter indulgence, I spent the end of last week completely shut off from the outside world to experience their 23-Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony. Gold (not simply for magniloquence, either). Renowned for its healing and anti-ageing properties, the Spa in Dolphin Square combines gold with La Sultane de Saba‘s pearl extract, caviar, and argan oil-rich products.

Starting off with an expertly handled full body massage using precious oils and gold minerals, the two-and-a-half-hour ritual crescendos under a multiple-step pearl extract facial of skillful age defiance. If that wasn’t enough, you are ‘topped off’ under an extravagant dusting of gold powder over the face, d├ęcolletage, shoulders and arms, then taken into a sumptuous relaxation lounge to further unwind. A transcendent and highly-recommended experience.

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