proskins gold
You’ve got to hear me out on this one, beauties: these are anti-ageing leggings that deliver. Proskins may be known for their ‘suck it in’ leggings and sportwear but their upcoming release – Proskins Gold – delivers much more. At first glance, they look like an upmarket black legging; smooth, supple, and stretchy with a comfortable wide-band waist.

Obviously, that alone is not going to justify a £145 price tag.

What makes that £145 price tag rather bargainous, in fact? That would be the addition of 24 Carat gold particles and hyaluronic acid. While the controlled compression of Proskins help the body to flush out toxins and cellulite, the gold nanoparticles naturally generate hyaluronic acid which provides intense hydration for legs and helps to contour and improve the appearance of problem areas.

After three days of wear (which – thank goodness – is a fashion statement) Proskins Gold achieves and maintains 100% hyaluronic acid synthesis efficacy (layman’s terms: your legs anti-age themselves!) while the moisturising and antioxidant benefits continue for up to two days after you stop wearing them.

When I was chatting to the creators of the product, my number one reservation was the longevity of the product. Surely – like other ‘caffeinated’ leggings – the gold would simply wash out? Not the case. Those hyaluronic acid-producing particles are actually woven into the legging’s yarn which means that you will see results for the lifetime of the legging. Because of an additional moisture management system, Proskins Gold leggings also keep your skin dry and body temperature regulated to 37°C, making them fantastic for use during exercise.

The new leggings will be available online at the end of January:

spa in dolphin square
Spa treatments, for the majority of us, are something of a treat. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas…the textbook ‘spa day’ is almost synonymous with gifting. Unfortunately, this usually means they are a let down, as well. Whether it’s a half-baked manicure or a massage that feels more like a tickle, it takes me a lot to get excited about a spa treatment.

Which is why, beauties, I cannot wait any longer to tell you about The Spa in Dolphin Square (t: 020 7798 6767). A stone’s throw away from Pimlico, this Moroccan-inspired spa is a complete departure from its surroundings. A richly-coloured and sensual oasis nestled underneath a private apartment block. A secret.

In an act of utter indulgence, I spent the end of last week completely shut off from the outside world to experience their 23-Carat Gold Facial and Body Ceremony. Gold (not simply for magniloquence, either). Renowned for its healing and anti-ageing properties, the Spa in Dolphin Square combines gold with La Sultane de Saba‘s pearl extract, caviar, and argan oil-rich products.

Starting off with an expertly handled full body massage using precious oils and gold minerals, the two-and-a-half-hour ritual crescendos under a multiple-step pearl extract facial of skillful age defiance. If that wasn’t enough, you are ‘topped off’ under an extravagant dusting of gold powder over the face, décolletage, shoulders and arms, then taken into a sumptuous relaxation lounge to further unwind. A transcendent and highly-recommended experience.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011
Sex sells, and Louis Vuitton just reminded us. With a Fall/Winter collection full of voluptuous silhouettes, handcuffs (attaching eighteen-carat gold handbags to model’s wrists), and high waisted lingerie boy shorts – it was clear that “fashion” and “fetish” are interchangable for Marc Jacobs. With such straightforward sexuality leaking out of the set’s elevators, the garments remained committed to Vuitton sophistication – it’s obviously time we stopped wearing pants, ladies. The show also featured the best casting of the season – Kate Moss (who closed the show, smoking), Raquel Zimmerman, Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta and more. See the top five looks below! View Post