November 9, 2012

Belmacz Beauty

belmacz beauty
Hyped up releases from cult beauty brands almost always deliver impeccable products, and the new releases from Belmacz Beauty are no exception. As a brand better known for their bijoux jewellery, Belmacz first launched a gold-leaf lip gloss in 2008 under the name ‘Glow’. The use of gold leaf was inspired by Renaissance master painters who used the same medium as well as blending minerals with oils to create a rich palette. Glow’s formula is rich to match, using vegan and healing ingredients like capric triglycerides and candelilla cera to pull together into a holistic and eye-catching product. Their latest power shade isĀ Infrared, a bright neon red (bottom left of the photo), that is destined to become my new handbag staple.

In addition to ‘Glow’, Belmacz have just launched an otherworldly product called ‘Aura‘. Acting as a highlighter instead of a lipgloss, Aura contains 24 carat gold leaf as well as real crushed pearl to illuminate and add a lustre to the skin. Because it contains Vitamin E-enriched rosehip oil and cocoa butter, the effect the balm has on the skin is effortlessly airbrushed and youthful. The kind of product anyone would happily use from lips to cheeks to lids.

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