July 18, 2013

Hydrohealing London: Hydroblitz Face and Body Review

Though Hydrohealing in Notting Hill is more famous for colonic therapies than beauty treatments, they currently have two treatments on offer that beat any others I have tried this year.

Hydroblitz Body £75
‘Hydroblitz Body’ is a magical sixty-minute treatment which uses a combination of natural anti-cellulite minerals, water-based massage and gentle oxygen suction to attack fatty deposits in the body. Essentially, it is the ‘pain-free lipo’ we hear touted for everything under the sun in beauty magazines. While the suction itself is slightly uncomfortable, it feels much more comfortable than other toxin-releasing treatments I have reviewed. After stimulating circulation and promoting drainage of trapped fluid, Hydroblitz tones the skin and essentially blitzes cellulite. I can only imagine what a series of treatments would result in.

hydrodermabrasian Facial £85
My hardcore skin regime means I very rarely go for facials, but the Hydroblitz facial may just been they’d of facial frugality. Starting by using a bevy of REN products (nothing better) to cleanse and tone the skin, your therapist then uses a pen-like two-phase microdroplet saline and oxygen system which accelerates to velocities that reach 200m/sec. Originally developed by the Israeli army to clean shrapnel wounds, nothing I have ever tested – Clarisonic included – has left my skin feeling so beautifully cleansed. For a system that only feels like a cold gust of wind, results are incredible; improved facial skin tone, a noticeable reduction in fine lines, and a glow that kept me from wearing makeup the entire afternoon and evening.

www.hydrohealing.co.uk / t: 020 7727 2570

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