February 13, 2015

Why I Wash My Face WIth Sparkling Water (+ Masque Bar Review)

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I am illustrating this post with a photo of my makeup-free face because it is the lesser of two evils (option two: a photo of me splashing my face with water like a two-cent soap model).

Washing your face with sparkling water is not a visually pleasing concept or product photo-friendly, but believe me: it works.

Based on a Japanese trend, I starting dabbling with sparkling water cleansing a few months ago and the simple science behind it speaks volumes. As the carbonated water effervesces on the skin, the bubbles act as small micro-brushes. As well as delivering oxygen deeper into the skin barrier (therefore increasing circulation and decreasing puffiness), the gentle ‘pop’ works to deep clean pores, remove dead skin cells, brighten, and tone.

Not an easy daily practice – sticking your face in a bowl of sparkling water, that is – but a fun and natural way to get a thorough face cleanse*.

And if it’s still a little too off-centre to add to your beauty regime, I’m obliged to send you in the direction of Masque Bar. Having recently launched in the UK, the Japanese brand brought over their anti-Blemish mud mask, anti-wrinkle sheet mask, pore-refining creme mask, and brightening sheet mask. Though all I have tried have been effective, the latter – the brightening sheet mask – is like a sparkling water wash on steroids. It comes highly recommended.

*(If you’re wondering how to make sparkling water, look no further than the Sodastream. It is essentially cheaper, ‘DIY’ sparkling water that rivals all bottled and French-named alternatives.)

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