October 24, 2016

Shopping Spree with NO MONEY! (+ Haul)

With mere hours between a week in Slovenia and a month and a half in the US, I needed to turn my European carry-on into a cross-America suitcase that would work from the desert heat of Vegas to the November chill of the Midwest; parties, hikes, a wedding, et al.

It became very clear to me very quickly how little I had to work with in my closet, so I headed to the high street with nothing but my phone to let Android Pay save the day using Mastercard in my e-wallet.

Being a woman with relentless digital intrigue and little time to spare, Android Pay is heaven sent. You simply log your Mastercard details into the app and hold your phone over a contactless payment reader to pay. No physical cards, no spending limits (like contactless cards), no faff. If you’re making a larger payment like I did, you simply use your fingerprint or passcode to add an extra layer of security to the transaction. It’s safe and secure which put my mind at ease.

As the old saying goes, “if it’s not on a vlog, it didn’t happen” so I decided to bring you along for the ride and – after such a successful trip – even treated you to a little designer clothes and beauty haul at the end!

Enjoy the video and feel free to ask me any questions if you need help!


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